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Your Tax Problem

Your Tax Problem

If you owe, but cannot pay, the IRS or another taxing authority, you may ask yourself:  I have a tax problem, I need help, what do I do? Where do I go to get help?

The good news is that you have many rights as a taxpayer.  However, your rights won’t do you any good if you don’t understand them or you don’t know how to exercise them.

Your first step may be to contact an accountant or try to figure out the situation yourself.  But you are at a disadvantage because you or an accountant does not typically have a thorough grasp of the myriad of rules, regulations, laws, tax jargon and procedures involved with a back tax collection case – but tax collecting authorities do.  So the playing field is not level.

At Fortress Financial, our experienced and knowledgeable tax attorneys will level the playing field, and maximize the chances that you resolve your tax liability with favorable terms.

We work on your behalf to:

  • Maximize chances of resolving taxes without hardships.
  • Minimize chances of being forced to liquidate or sell assets.
  • Protect your wages, bank accounts, and other assets from enforcement.
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that experts familiar with the ins and outs of the process are working for you.

It is important for you to begin understanding the tax terms that are being used with your case and any beginning questions that you may have.  You can also contact us at (877) 777-7430.  One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives would be happy to outline a solution to your specific situation at no charge, and answer any questions that you might have.

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Do you have questions about back taxes? Our experts focus on nothing else but resolving your tax liabilities.

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