Sure, most of us think of the IRS as this big bad evil organization out to take all of our money… but reality is much different. 

In fact, even when the IRS takes aggressive action and levies your bank accounts – they may release the levies if they’re causing a personal economic hardship. 

This means, they will lay off when they realize that you can’t afford to eat and keep a roof over your head due to the tax payments.

So what do you do? Call the IRS! Let them know your income and expense information, and try to convince them to release the levy on your checking account. 

If you can’t take care of yourself or your family by paying for necessary living expenses due to IRS enforcement – then you can get the levy released due to personal economic hardship.

Don’t want to handle it on your own?  Want to know your best options and talk to someone who knows your rights?  Consider hiring a tax relief professional, the decision may just save you a significant sum of money!