You always hear about people removing interest and penalties from their tax balance...

So, of course you may be wondering how you can also remove them from your balance.

But, do you have a valid reason for getting the penalties or interest removed?

Has the IRS made a mistake with your taxes? If you can resolve an incorrect tax assessment, you can get the penalties and interest removed. 

First Time Abatement

Individuals who haven’t had penalties for the previous three years can ask for an abatement of the penalties for one year. This is an easy way to reduce one year’s worth of penalties, and all you have to do is ask.

Are you in compliance with all of the rules?

Consult with a tax attorney to ensure that you're 100% compliant with all of the IRS rules before filing for an abatement of the penalties.  This can save you from a ton of headaches and wasting time!

Do you have a valid reason for paying late?

There are three main penalties:  Failure to deposit timely Failure to pay timely Failure to file timely

If you have time and want to read the details, visit the link below to get advice from an expert!