It is possible to settle tax debt for less than the amount owed

Continue reading to find out how you can settle your tax debt for less!

You have probably seen many ads that promise to settle your taxes without paying the full amount owed. It sounds too good to be true, but is it?

The truth is, you can only settle your taxes for less if you qualify, and not everyone qualifies. 

So you might be wondering, "how do I qualify?" and "is there any hope for getting a deal on my debt?"...

This is where it gets complicated, as lawmakers did not make it easy for us to get a deal on our taxes. There are many rules and procedures to follow...

Offer in Compromise

The IRS calls it an "Offer in Compromise" anytime an individual or business settles their tax debt for less than the amount owed.

However, the acceptance rate is incredibly low and not many people qualify.

So, what's the secret?

The secret is that most of us won't qualify for an Offer in Compromise tax settlement. However, there is a big factor that can increase your chances...

Hire a tax attorney with a proven track record! The average acceptance rate in 2019 was only 33%.

learn more about the process and see if you qualify!