what to do after getting a cp504 notice from the irs

This is the last letter you want to receive from the IRS. CP504 is a notice, informing you that the IRS has plans to place a lien on your property or levy your personal accounts to settle the unpaid tax debt.

What is it? Is this serious?

If you can pay the balance due, including any penalty and interest added, then the case will end here. Otherwise, you will need to prove that you don’t owe a balance to the IRS.

If the balance due is correct, and you cannot pay the balance within 10 days then your problems are about to get a lot bigger. The IRS will the move the case into its “Active Collections” area and continue to charge interest...

Unless you can pay the balance, your best option is to contact a tax professional who has experience in dealing with the IRS. These situations are complex, and the IRS is a powerful organization capable of freezing all of your accounts.

For a more in-depth guide to handling the CP504 IRS notice, visit the official Fortress Tax Relief website. We are here to help!