No one likes paying taxes.

If you have fallen behind on paying taxes then continue reading to see if you can get your tax debt forgiven...

It is possible!

Shocking, right? Well, it's also difficult to accomplish, so don't get your hopes up too soon!

The Collection Statue Expiration Date

CSED. If the government doesn't collect your taxes due after 10 years they will lose the right to collect those taxes. Speak to a professional to see if this fits your situation.

Currently Not Collectible Status

This basically means you can't meet your necessary living expenses if you're forced to pay anything towards your tax debt.

If your tax debt can't be forgiven...

An Offer in Compromise is your best chance of settling with the IRS and lowering the total due. Getting an OIC approved is difficult and will require the help of an experienced professional.

Fortress Tax Relief


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