The IRS publishes it’s “Dirty Dozen” tax scams, which is a list of the most common and widespread tax-related scams. 

These scams are typically conducted by individuals and businesses looking to abuse tax shelters, claim credits they’re not entitled to, etc.

Some of these scams actually take it a step further and directly target innocent taxpayers. In fact, the IRS reports that phishing and malware incidents have increased significantly each year…

Common taxpayer tax scams include identity theft, phone tax scams impersonating an IRS agent, email phishing attempts, fake charities, and inflated refund claims.

Abusive tax shelters are a common scam. In this situation, the scammer will collect a fee from you in exchange for some magical loophole that will save you an incredible amount of money.

Learn more about tax scams and what you can do to prevent each type. The best thing you can do is be cautious, while keeping your personal data secure.