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Tax Lawyers Assisting Kentucky

Kentucky Tax Debt AttorneysIf you are looking for a tax debt lawyer in Kentucky, look no further than Fortress Tax Relief.  Fortress is a nationwide tax debt services company that offers assistance with all Kentucky individual and business unpaid and back tax debt. Our team of six tax attorneys has over 60 years of combined experience resolving tax liabilities and takes pride in seeing people who come to us get the tax debt relief benefits they need.  We also sincerely care about our clients and handle all cases with the utmost compassion.

Our tax debt attorneys understand that your life has changed due to unresolved IRS tax debt, and you are under a lot of stress simply trying to adjust. The added stress of having to deal with the IRS or other tax debts doing everything possible to nickle and dime you more than you should have to handle. That is why we are here. We will handle it, and we will handle it correctly.

Our skilled back tax advisors specialize in assisting those in Kentucky with significant tax debts, specifically those owing more than $10,000. We extend our services to numerous cities across the state, ensuring that no matter where you are in Kentucky, professional tax relief is within reach. Our services are available in the following locations:

At Fortress Tax Relief, we are committed to providing exceptional tax debt solutions to residents throughout Kentucky. Our team of expert tax debt attorneys offers virtual consultations and services tailored to each community’s unique needs, ensuring that no matter where you are in Kentucky, professional tax relief is accessible.

  • Lexington Tax Debt Relief: In Lexington, the “Horse Capital of the World,” we understand the unique tax challenges faced by individuals and businesses in this economically vibrant area. Our virtual services offer comprehensive support for tax resolution needs.
  • Louisville Tax Debt Relief: Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville, is bustling with diversity and economic activity. We provide specialized tax relief services to cater to the varied tax issues of this dynamic community, offering remote consultations for convenience.
  • Owensboro Tax Debt Relief: Owensboro’s residents, known for their industrious nature, can access our expert tax debt solutions remotely. We are equipped to assist with the specific tax challenges of this agriculturally and industrially rich area.
  • Bowling Green Tax Debt Relief: Serving the community of Bowling Green, we offer remote tax resolution services to individuals and businesses in this rapidly growing city, ensuring that our expertise is just a phone call or email away.
  • Covington Tax Debt Relief: In Covington, with its rich heritage and growing business sector, our remote tax relief services provide the necessary support to navigate complex tax situations, available to all residents across the city.
  • Hopkinsville Tax Debt Relief: Our virtual tax relief services are readily available to the residents of Hopkinsville, a community known for its agriculture and historical importance, providing expert advice and solutions for tax-related issues.
  • Frankfort Tax Debt Relief: As the state capital, Frankfort’s residents, including government employees and local businesses, can benefit from our specialized remote tax resolution services, offering tailored support for their unique needs.
  • Henderson Tax Debt Relief: In the culturally rich city of Henderson, we offer remote tax debt relief services, helping individuals and businesses overcome their tax challenges in this beautiful region.
  • Richmond Tax Debt Relief: Our remote services in Richmond cater to the needs of this historically significant city, offering comprehensive tax relief solutions to the community, including students and faculty of Eastern Kentucky University.
  • Jeffersontown Tax Debt Relief: For the residents and businesses in Jeffersontown, our remote tax relief services ensure that expert tax debt solutions are just a call or an email away, providing convenient and effective support.

Wide Variety of Tax Debt Services

We offer tax resolution and tax debt relief in a variety of categories; including Offers in Compromise also known as and “OIC“,  Abatement of Penalties , IRS Installment Agreements, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties and additional services.

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