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Jeremy R. Dickman, Esq.

Tax Attorney
Title:Senior Tax Attorney
Education:University of Oregon (BA),
University of Oregon (JD)

Jeremy earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Journalism and worked as a copy editor for a large daily newspaper prior to law school.  He earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Oregon, during which time he litigated several jury trials as a public defender intern.

Since passing the Oregon State Bar in 2005, Jeremy has worked for more than a decade in tax resolutions.  Jeremy also spent a portion of his career as a partner in a boutique law firm, specializing in land use, administrative, and transactional law for businesses in the emerging hemp and cannabis industries.  Jeremy has saved millions of dollars for clients owing back-taxes to the state and federal tax agencies, and has never been disciplined by the Oregon State Bar.

He enjoys spending time with his young son, Gavin, and his Labrador retriever, “Gary”.


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