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Alabama Tax Relief Services

Tax Resolution Services Alabama & Tax Debt Relief Attorney Birmingham, AL

Tax Relief in Alabama: Comprehensive Services for Individuals and Businesses

Are you facing tax debt problems in Alabama? Fortress Tax Relief can help. Our nationwide tax relief services company offers comprehensive assistance for all tax debt matters, providing a team of six experienced tax attorneys with over 60 years of combined experience in resolving tax liabilities. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the tax relief benefits they deserve and handle all cases with compassion and care.

In addition to tax resolution services, we also offer a variety of other tax relief services to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in Alabama. These services include:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC): This is a settlement agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that allows you to pay less than the full amount owed. Our attorneys can help you determine if an OIC is the right solution for you and guide you through the process.
  • Installment Agreements: This option allows taxpayers to make monthly payments to the IRS to pay off their tax debt over time. Our attorneys can help you negotiate the best payment plan for your situation.
  • Penalty Abatement: If you have accumulated penalties due to circumstances beyond your control, our attorneys can help you request a reduction or elimination of these penalties.
  • Audit Representation: If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, our attorneys can represent you during the audit process and help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Get Tax Relief in Major Alabama Cities

Our tax resolution services company is dedicated to helping people in Alabama receive the tax debt relief benefits they need. We offer services in cities such as:


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