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Attorneys vs. Accountants: Which Is Best For You?

Resolving tax debts typically has very little to do with accounting, and everything to do with building and presenting a strong case.  Negotiation skills and persuasive skills are critical, while number-crunching skills typically are not.  This is one reason why an attorney’s skill set is superior to an accountant’s when it comes to resolving most back tax debts.

Yet, sometimes people do not realize this difference and seek representation from a tax resolution firm that employs primarily CPAs or enrolled agents.  Or, they go to their local CPA, who often has little experience in resolving back taxes.  Most CPAs just don’t handle many back tax cases, and lack the expertise of an attorney who handles back taxes every day.  This is why CPAs around the country refer their clients to Fortress when a serious back tax issue arises.

Enrolled agents tend to have the lowest rates, with CPAs being in the mid-range, and attorneys tending to be the most expensive.  You may think that you can’t afford a quality attorney and, instead, focus on paying lower fees.  If you do this, you will be sacrificing superior negotiating skills at a time when you and your finances need them most.  With Fortress, you don’t have to make this sacrifice.  Our fees are extremely competitive with, and oftentimes lower than, the firms who use less expensive professionals such as CPAs and Enrolled Agents. 

Since the skills of your tax professional can mean the difference between relief and disaster, it pays to carefully consider which type of professional is best equipped to handle your back tax problem.  Our attorneys know how to defend your rights as a taxpayer, and how to advocate effectively, both orally and in writing.  Simply put, our attorneys have persuasive and negotiations skills that few accountants possess, and these skills are the ones that matter most when taking on the powerful IRS and state taxing authorities.

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