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Reviews & Testimonials

We take pride in the personal service that we deliver our clients while providing the best possible solution to each of our clients’ specific tax situation. In return, here’s what some of our clients have to say about us:

Fortress, thank you immensely for the tax relief you have provided us. Your work not only helped my business greatly, it had a huge impact on my family. Although my family doesn’t know it, things such as swim class or a Dora DVD for my small children would not have been possible without you. My wife and I are very grateful and will be toasting you and your future work.
Scott F.
Phoenix, AZ
I didn’t have tax representation, and the IRS froze all of my business bank accounts while I was out of town dealing with a death in my family. I brought in Fortress, and they quickly got my funds released, thereby saving me from a disaster. Their kind and caring staff never made promises they couldn’t keep, and they successfully resolved my tax issues.
George T.
Bend, OR
Not in my wildest dreams did I think that Fortress would achieve what they did. I don’t think you could find more understanding people than the Fortress staff to deal with people who are under IRS stress. Very impressive. I just want to thank Fortress for saving my life, and I really feel that way.
James Gary Frye
Birmingham, AL
I was faced with a horrible tax debt, and my CPA and local attorney had no idea what to do. Fortress worked a miracle for me as far as I’m concerned, and they did it with such wonderful compassion and professional expertise. I feel incredibly relieved and finally have hope of being financially stable once again.
Dana C.
Discovery Bay, CA
I had hired a different tax resolution firm before Fortress. The IRS continued harassing me and I got no results. Within 24 hours of hiring Fortress, the IRS stopped harassing me. Fortress is the only firm you should go to if you have a back tax problem.
Rob Williams
Cashiers, NC
Fortress was out of state, but that proved to be no disadvantage whatsoever. Their customer service was fantastic. They were on top of things since day one. I actually forgot the tax collector’s name because I never had to deal with her again. I had peace of mind after hiring Fortress, and everything turned out great.
Jorge Camacho
Coachella, CA
I was worried that the tax debt would affect my ability to send my daughter to college. After hiring Fortress, my worries went away. Their customer service and results were both excellent, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a tax debt.
Client Tina Costabile
Tina Costabile, Costabile Construction
Union Town, PA
Some tax relief companies are just out to get your money. That is absolutely not the case with Fortress. Not only is the Fortress staff excellent at resolving back taxes, they are very personable and they truly care about their clients.
Client Brett Shelton
Brett Shelton, Brett Shelton Roofing
Santa Cruz, CA
I thought I would be better off with local representation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After trying multiple ‘reputable’ local attorneys, I had gotten nowhere. This changed immediately when I engaged Fortress. Their professionalism was superior and they got the job done far more quickly than I expected. If you have state or federal back tax issues, you can’t go wrong with Fortress.
Ed Phillips
Cerritos, CA
Before Fortress, I had hired a local attorney who gave me poor service. Fortress gave my case the attention it needed. Their staff was pleasant to work with, understanding, patient, and also able to get great results. The integrity of this company is outstanding.
Sylvia Fagan
Elk Grove, CA