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Automated Collection System ACS

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IRS Automated Collection System (“ACS”)

You may have received a letter from an from the IRS labeled with an address IRS Support 5050.  This is a letter issued from the desk of the IRS Automated Collection System (ACS). These act as collection agencies on behalf of the IRS, located in multiple cities across the USA. When an IRS tax liability …

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IRS Appeals | Offer In Compromise | Tax Relief Help

IRS Settlement Officers

Recently I was engaged in a heated discussion with an IRS Settlement Officer. The subject was an Offer in Compromise (Tax Settlement) I had filed on a client’s behalf. The IRS did not want to approve our Offer because they noticed that my client had been late with a few tax payments during the time …

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IRS Installment Agreement | Notice of Default | CP523 | TaxFortress

IRS Installment Agreement Defaults

OK, so you’ve negotiated an IRS Installment Agreement for your IRS tax liability, and can finally breathe easy because you will not have to deal with your Revenue Officer anymore. Time to celebrate, right? Not so fast. IRS employees frequently tell me that the vast majority of Installment Agreements default before the balance is paid …

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