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Mike Zacha

In 2005 Mike partnered with Steve Galgoczy and became Vice President of Fortress Financial Services. He is committed to giving taxpayers the highest level of service and most realistic expectations for their circumstance. By putting himself in the taxpayer’s shoes, he saw how important it was for people in tax collections to have someone who could not only provide the most effective solutions to their tax problems, but someone who could also do so with humility, fairness, and compassion. Mike has been featured on national television as an expert in tax resolution (Spotlight Television aired on Fox Business Channel) and is recognized and respected as one of the top tax resolution strategists in the country.

100k tax debt

What Happens When You Owe $100,000 to the IRS?

Facing a $100,000 tax debt presents a pivotal moment filled with concerns and uncertainties about financial stability and potential Internal Revenue Service actions.  This situation, while daunting, is not unique, and many find themselves navigating similar challenges. Understanding the IRS’s mechanisms, exploring resolution options, and strategically planning your next steps are crucial. This blog aims to demystify […]

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