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Artour Safarian

Artour Safarian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and attended Seattle University School of Law on an academic scholarship. He graduated law school cum laude and holds a license to practice law in good standing with the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. Art has never been disciplined by the Washington State Bar Association. Prior to becoming a tax negotiation professional for Fortress, Art managed his own law practice focusing on business and securities law. While attending law school, Art honed his legal skills by externing for the Western District of Washington in Tacoma and interning for Amazon Web Services’ Legal team. Before Art pursued his legal career, he worked for over a decade in the financial and securities industry helping individuals and business owners resolve their financial issues. Art’s background in business, finance, law, and advocacy make him particularly well-suited to efficiently and effectively resolving back tax issues. Art enjoys spending time outdoors and with his family.

The IRS Fresh Start Program

IRS Tax Relief: 4 Key Elements

Who can qualify for the IRS fresh start initiative in 2020?

You have probably heard one of the many radio or TV ads that gushes about the IRS tax debt relief program called “The IRS Fresh Start Initiative” and how it can result in a “pennies on the dollar” tax settlement.

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