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Tax Relief Services

Offers in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise is a tax relief settlement with the Internal Revenue Service (or state taxing authority) for less than the full amount owed.

Penalty Abatement

If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, an alternative method of reducing the amount of back tax that you owe, is to obtain an Abatement of Penalties.

Installment Agreements

If you do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, an Installment Agreement may be the best way to resolve your tax liability.

Trust Fund Recovery Penalties

Shareholders, Officers, and certain employees can be held personally liable for a corporation’s failure to pay certain payroll taxes.

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

Individuals who meet the criteria for Innocent Spouse Relief can be relieved of liability.

Tax Appeal Service

There are two primary avenues of appeal within the IRS: Collection Appeals Program (CAP), and Request for a Collection Due Process Hearing (CDP).

Creative Tax Relief Services

Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond the control of a taxpayer, a taxpayer cannot become eligible for any conventional tax resolution strategy.

Currently Not Collectible

Fortress provides more back tax related services than can be described within this website. If you owe back taxes and do not see the service you need listed within this site, please call us. The chances are that we can help.

Back Tax Relief

With a variety of back tax relief solutions available, it is important that you determine which type of back tax relief strategy best suits your specific needs.

Additional Services

Fortress provides more back tax related services than can be described within this website. If you owe back taxes and do not see the service you need listed within this site, please call us. The chances are that we can help.

What is Tax Relief?

IRS tax relief is generally considered to be any program or incentive that reduces the amount of tax owed by an individual or business entity. However, in a broader sense, tax relief may include any action, program or incentive that provides “relief” to an individual or business entity who is in collections with a taxing authority.

Fortress Tax Relief is a national tax resolution company that intervenes with the taxing authorities on your behalf. Our tax relief services protect your wages and assets from enforcement, and with few exceptions, resolve your back tax liability with favorable terms.  Oftentimes we end up saving our clients thousands of dollars in our tax relief process.


Fortress Tax Relief is the only significant national tax resolution firm in the United States where every single case is handled personally by a tax relief attorney, who handles nothing but tax resolution cases day in and day out.

We offer tax resolution services in a variety of categories; including Offers in Compromise also known as “OICs“,  Abatement of Penalties , IRS Installment AgreementsTrust Fund Recovery Penalties and additional services.

If you are an individual or business who owes more than $10,000 in taxes to the IRS or your state, then Fortress can help you. We have experience assisting clients throughout the United States and can work on cases in any state.

The first step towards relief is to contact Fortress Tax Relief.  Our caring and knowledgeable staff can outline a solution for you at no charge and can tell you whether you might qualify for a tax settlement or a reduction in penalties.

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We Are A National Tax Resolution Services Company

Fortress represents clients throughout the country, and is capable of tackling issues involving the IRS and any state taxing authority.   We are also the only significant national tax resolution firm located in Oregon.  Our desirable Bend, Oregon location makes it easy for us to attract and retain quality attorneys.

Fortress Tax Relief, an Experienced National Tax Resolution Company, Appears on Spotlight

Fortress Tax Relief has been chosen to be featured on the show to discuss tax resolution strategies, tax settlements, halting aggressive tax collection actions, and how Fortress Tax Relief stands out from competitors. Fortress Tax Relief, based in Bend, Oregon, is a leading national tax resolution service provider. Since being launched in 2003, they have helped thousands of individuals and businesses in collections with the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authorities to overcome serious tax issues.

Business Tax Relief ATTORNEYS

Whether your business owes the IRS or a state taxing authority, it is important to take a proactive approach when addressing a business tax debt.  Contact our team to assist you in resolving your business tax liability before it is too late.

Individual Tax Relief ATTORNEYS

We can determine the most effective way to resolve your IRS or state individual tax liability.  Let our tax experts help you prevent or reverse wage garnishments and bank levies while making sure you repay the very least amount possible. Contact us now.

Professional Service

Every case is handled 
by a licensed tax relief attorney

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David K. Petzinger, Esq.

Top 5 Ways to Get an IRS Tax Levy Released 2022

Divorce, death of a family member, cancer, and IRS levies–these are among the most dreaded and stressful events one can experience in life. As a tax attorney whose clients have been levied by the IRS, I can tell you it will be more than a little stressful for the IRS to clean out your bank

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IRS Tax Settlements
Tax Resolution & Tax Relief
Artour Safarian

Tax Settlement

If you or your business owe taxes to the IRS or the state, you have probably wondered if it is possible to settle your tax debt for less than owed.  You may have heard radio or TV ads promising to settle your taxes for “pennies on the dollar” if you “call now!” with The Price

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Beat IRS Collections
Offer in Compromise
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How to Beat IRS Collections by Navigating the Bureaucracy

One of the very biggest mistakes that people in collections with the IRS make every day is to simply accept what a lower-level IRS Collection employee tells them. This often means accepting an unfavorable, or even disastrous, outcome that could severely impact the ability of an individual or business to make ends meet.  If you

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irs cp504 notice
Notice of Intent to Levy Bank
Peter R. Brantley, Esq.

Understanding IRS Levy Notice cp504

A taxpayer who accrues a balance due with the IRS receives a lot of correspondence as the IRS tries to collect on that liability.  Some of this correspondence appears threatening, but actually doesn’t have much “bite.”  Other correspondence means there could be serious danger up ahead, and may require immediate action. What is a cp504

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IRS Tax Settlements
Offer in Compromise
Stephen K. Galgoczy, Esq.

IRS Tax Settlements

One of the very first things that any individual or business with a tax liability should consider is whether it is possible to obtain an IRS tax settlement that is less than the amount owed.  Although it is not easy to reach a tax settlement agreement (aka Offer in Compromise or “OIC”) with the IRS—or

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IRS Bank Levy
Notice of Intent to Levy Bank
Jeremy Dickman

The IRS Levied My Bank Account! What Do I Do?

One of the nastiest surprises our government can spring on an indebted taxpayer—whether a business or an individual–is to levy their bank account.  The levy comes seemingly out of the blue.  Whatever was in the account at the time the bank received the levy is immediately frozen.  The laundry list of horrific effects can include

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IRS Letter Certified Mail
TaxPayer Rights
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Have You Received a Certified Letter From IRS

Generally speaking, the IRS sent you certified mail to show it attempted to give you notice of whatever issue the IRS wants to address with you. The IRS sent you certified mail because the IRS wants to protect itself in case, among other reasons, you argue the IRS failed to give you notice and an

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Internal Revenue Service
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2022 IRS COVID Tax Relief Programs: Is it Too Late?

You may have heard about the screaming deals that some taxpayers have been able to take advantage of to resolve their tax liabilities with the IRS during the COVID era.  Like just about everyone, COVID knocked the IRS on its heels.  This along with loosened collection procedures has created an environment where indebted taxpayers have

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When Does IRS File a Tax Lien
IRS Tax Lien
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When Does the IRS File a Tax Lien?

If you or your business owe money to the IRS, the fear of a tax lien might keep you up at night.  Will the IRS file a tax lien?  When will the IRS do so? What will happen once the IRS files a lien? Before I answer these questions, is important to understand the following

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